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Dragon Age Dreadwolf should not give Solas a pass like DA2 players might give Anders

Dragon Age Dreadwolf should not give Solas a pass like DA2 players might give Anders Dragon Age Dreadwolf shouldnt give Solas a free pass like DA2 players might with Anders Too often Dragon Age games reduce his great moral dilemma from wizards and templars to good wizards to bad templars. There is no doubt that the Templars are oppressive and in need of repair but out of control wizards are downright dangerous. There are probably better ways to handle this and wizards shouldnt be deprived of their rights but its really Mages Good Templars Bad most of the time.

Ironically every Dragon Age game features a wizard who betrays the player. Dragon Age Origins players learn about Morrigans secret agenda as they head to the Battle of Denerim Dragon Age 2 players learn and potentially help Anders begins wizardtemplar war that plummets the world into chaos and players discover that Inquisitions Dragon Age Solas is behind events greater than that. If theres one thing fans should be careful about joining the new game its any other wizard joining the Dragon Age Dreadwolf party.

Perhaps the worst oversimplification of the war between wizards and templars might be the way Anders essentially gets a ride despite him throwing the world into chaos. With Solas ready to destroy all Thedas to drop the Veil that mistake shouldnt be repeated in Dragon Age Dreadwolf Dragon Age always pushes choices forward in the franchise and gives players a choice in some way regarding destruction. of the Church by Anders. Players may unwittingly help if their relationship is high enough with Anders and as Hawke they can decide his fate later on.

It is possible to kill Anders as punishment for his crime help him fight the Templars on the spot a high enough relationship and the right choices might even lead him to fight the wizards and / or they can more or less give him a lift.In fact many of them end up with Anders in the background. He is active and technically does other things but his history of him cools despite the start of the war between wizards and Templars. It could be said that killing Anders is just a punishment but that simply means that there is no one left alive to be truly held responsible for whatever happens to the town of Kirkwall in Dragon Age 2.

When it was revealed that players could judge NPCs in Dragon Age Inquisition many hoped they could judge Anders for his crimes. After all perhaps their Hawke was more lenient than their Inquisitor  or at least playing these two PCs differently could create a more dynamic storyline. But no either Anders dies instantly with no real understanding or guilt for his actions or takes a back seat as Inquisitor DA I has to pick up the pieces.

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