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Deadpool’s Voice Secretly Suggests His Origin Story Is a Lie

A blink and you will ll missit visual detail from The Unbelievable Gwen pool suggests that there is more to Deadpools origin than previously suspected.A seemingly innocuous detail that Doctor Strange notices about Gwenpool implies there is more to Deadpools origin than previously suspected. The visual cues from one issue hint that Wade Wilson may not originally be from Earth 616 especially when considering that his past is riddled with contradictory details and falsities.

Gwenpool also known as Gwendolyn Poole is a Marvel fan from the real world who was mysteriously transported into Earth 616. Much like Deadpool Gwen is known for her fourthwall breaking antics and her meta humor. Gwenpool and Doctor Stranges paths first cross in The Unbelievable Gwenpool #3 by Christopher Hastings and Gurihiru. In this issue Gwen is unable to get her mercenary paycheck by M.O.D.O.K. and she needs her comic book citizenship from her old reality de ella. Strange immediately realizes Gwen is from a different reality and he uses his powers from him to transfer every trace of Gwenpools existence from her to her new reality from her. Its completely in the realm of possibility that Doctor Strange would recognize a dimension hopping character. However the way he recognizes that Gwen is not from Marvels Earth 616 completely calls Deadpools backstory into question.

Gwenpools tell that alerts Doctor Strange to her her other worldliness is her speech balloons. He can see her her speech balloons and notices that they are pink which is in sharp contrast to the white bubbles of everyone around her. In fact Gwen even sees her speech balloons from her briefly when Doctor Strange takes one for a spell casting. He describes her visual speech as a cosmic accent that solidifies shes from another world. Both she and Deadpool share uniquely colored speech balloons with his being yellow. Going off of Doctor Stranges assertion that the balloon coloring signifies someone is from another reality this hints that Wade Wilson may not originally be from Earth 616. This origin theory makes sense when considering Deadpools contentious and vague past of him and his incredible second sight of him that can cut through the DNA of any reality to determine whats real and what is not.

Its worth noting that variations on normal speech balloons are a consistent way for Marvel to indicate that characters are from different realities. A popular example is Ultimate Reed Richards or Maker whose speech balloons are in lower case rather than all caps because hes from the Ultimate Universe. This tactic is an excellent visual distinction that helps fans to know when there is a potential dimension hopping character in a comic without being directly told by writers.

Although The Unbelievable Gwenpool is considered a fun shortlived adventure this surprising new detail from Doctor Strange adds another layer to Deadpools origin theory. Deadpool is a uniquely antagonistic character in Marvel Comics so to see Gwen emulate his style and be referred to as a cosmic newcomer by Doctor Strange strongly suggests Wade Wilsons origin is far from simple. The visual parallels between Deadpools way of speaking and Gwenpools cosmic accent combined with Marvels penchant for using speech balloons to show characters who arent native hints that Deadpools origin is in a different dimension.

In the Marvel Universe Wolverine claims to be the best there is and what he does. But when it comes to being unpredictable he has to defer to Deadpool instead.For a long time in his various Marvel Comics stories Wolverine walked around as a man without a memory of his past or where he came from. When he eventually gets his memories of him back he goes in search of his roots of him. He discovers that a mysterious and ancient figure named Romulus has been manipulating him for most of his life. Romulus hopes to have Wolverine and his son from him Daken battle to become Romuluss heir. Wolverine of course is against the plan and seeks it to stop Romulus by beating him instead.

To do this Wolverine puts together a team that he thinks will be good against Romulus. However one of the team members is Ruby Thursday and in Wolverine Origins #45 by Daniel Way and Doug Braithwaite Ruby is approached by Romulus and sells Wolverine out. Knowing that Romulus has studied Wolverines whole life Logan knows his plan is not bound to work. So he has a backup designed by one of the most unlikely people anyone would think Wolverine would ever approach in such a dire situation Deadpool.

Wolverine Origins 45 2
Fans do not think of Deadpool as an accomplished strategist. Mainly because hes not. He does not understand the concept of strategy and tactics like Captain America. But one thing Deadpool does have is a mind prone to insanity. Because he tends to think in a way nobody else does the Merc with a Mouth is able to come up with plans and ideas that are so ridiculous they are impossible to predict. Deadpool does things that are completely illogical for rea

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