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World of Warcraft Player creates Azerothstyle world maps for Arkansas Colorado Indiana and Ohio

A World of Warcraft player and cartographer creates maps of Arkansas Colorado Indiana and Ohio on his quest to Azeroth in every state in the USA.

World maps are a distinctive part of many games but few world maps have a style quite as recognizable as World of Warcraft. An artist and World of Warcraft enthusiast has created Azerothstyle world maps of Arkansas Colorado Indiana and Ohio on his ongoing mission to map the 50 United States of America. Conservation OfWumbo also known as EthanolMaps is a fan of World of Warcraft who has gained a great deal of fame with his wide collection of classic WoWstyle world maps for different countries. A few days ago fans got a glimpse of his progress in his project.

The most recent endeavor of the ongoing Conservation OfWumbo Project is in the states of Arkansas Colorado Indiana and Ohio. Each state features its major cities highways and landmarks that are presented as major locations as if they were on the ingame World of Warcraft map. The maps created in Adobe Photoshop perfectly mimic the iconic style of WoW and look as if they could have been pulled straight from the game. Perhaps the best flavor detail from these maps is the Devilsaur Monument in northwest Colorado The Azerothian Conservation OfWumbos Dinosaur National Monument takes place on the border of Colorado and Utah.

So far Conservation OfWumbo has made extraordinary progress in its quest identifying 28 of the 50 states so far. Hes taken a brief break from his governmental endeavors to map WoW style for Skyrim and New York City but hes getting to work. With only 22 states remaining Conservation OfWumbo may end them all before the end of the year. All Conservation OfWumbo maps can be purchased as posters postcards or on canvas via Etsy EthanolMaps.

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Arkansas World of Warcraft fans are always excited to see the work of Conservation OfWumbo. Every time he publishes his work Conservation OfWumbo gets more and more fans with these states attracting nearly 150 comments in just a few days. With over 1000 sales on his Etsy its no exaggeration to say hes one of the most highly regarded World of Warcraftstyle cartographers.

But he is not the only one. There are many other artists who made other countries and regions on Earth in World of Warcraft regions. Winston91 Nomadichedgehog and Spoon all created maps of different European countries and Spoon even mapped Australia in the style of the Burning Crusade map of Outland. Perhaps if all these artists put their work together then fans of World of Warcraft would eventually have an Azerothstyle world map of the entire planet.

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