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When was The Green Planet filmed?

The Green Planet is Sir David Attenboroughs latest documentary series which focuses on the plant life of Earth. Sir David travelled far and wide to create the compelling programme but just when was it filmed? Read on to find out. Filming for the series started back in the early summer of 2019 in Wiltshire. The crew travelled to 27 countries visiting locations including Costa Rica Croatia northern Europe and the US over the course of the shoot.

Speaking to the BBC about the filming process Sir David said In a sense the series itself is slowgrowing like plants. We started [filming] a long time ago before Covid. And so I was dashing around interesting places in California and so on in a way that hasnt been possible for the last two years. He added So I appear in all these different parts of the world quite frequently more than any other [series] for some time.

The fivepart series was created using pioneering filmmaking technology with each episode covering a different theme Tropical Worlds Water Worlds Seasonal Worlds Desert Worlds and Human Worlds. The synopsis reads Plants live secret unseen lives. But they are as aggressive competitive and dramatic as animals locked in lifeanddeath struggles for food and light taking part in fierce battles for territory and desperately trying to reproduce and scatter their young.

The documentary programme was filmed using hightech equipment including thermal cameras and macro framestacking. Robotic timelapse camera rigs nicknamed Triffids were also used allowing the camera to travel into the plants world and film in timelapse in all sorts of environments. First Person View drones were also used to film the footage allowing a highly skilled pilot to use a headset to see the viewpoint of the drone and perform remarkable feats of high speed aerial acrobatics through complex obstacle courses.

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