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Power Book III Raising Kanan season 2 spoilers Who is Andrea?

Theres a new face coming to Power Book III Raising Kanan season 2 this summer in Andrea but who is she? What can we expect from her?

For the time being heres at least some of what we can say. According to a new report from TVLine Shes Gotta Have It actress Chyna Layne will be recurring throughout the season and it seems as though she could be tied to several characters in some interesting ways Check out our Raising Kanan season 1 finale review now! Theres a lot of fascinating stuff from that episode to dive into especially in terms of how it sets up season 2. After you watch SUBSCRIBE to Matt & Jess on YouTube — well be discussing the new season after it premieres!

The official character description describes Andrea as sexy no nonsense and decent. Andrea has lived a lot of life and seen a lot. Everything Andrea does in her life is for her teenage son and sometimes that means making tough decisions to help build a better life for him. Is it possible that shell have some sort of connection for Lou Lou or Marvin? Maybe since we think Kanans uncles could have a lot to do coming up. Its possible that she also may have some sort of friendship to Raq who will most likely be willing to make moves aplenty in the new season — especially since nothing with Detective Howard worked out in the way that she more or less wanted.

You can see the Raising Kanan season 2 premiere date over here along with a firstlook teaser at whats coming up next. Even though we know how Kanan Starks journey by and large ends the writers have done a great job of still creating enough questions and avenues to make us excited to watch. To date Raising Kanan has been our favorite offshoot of the Power universe. Well see if that lasts… What do you want to see from this Andrea character on Power Book III Raising Kanan season 2? Share right away in the attached comments! Once you do just that be sure to come back for other updates you will not want to miss. Photo Starz.

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