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Call the Midwife’s Shelagh Turner teases major change to character ‘Able to step up’

Call the Midwife is currently filming for its 12th season, with the Christmas Special set to be an emotional one as Trixie Franklin (played by Helen George). After the horrific train crash at the end of season 11, the residents of Nonnatus House will be on tenterhooks, especially Shelagh Turner (Laura Main), after her husband, Dr Turner (Stephen McGann), was involved. Laura recently opened up about her character’s progression over the years and explained she has become “who she truly wanted to be”. When Shelagh was first introduced to the show in season one, she was known as Sister Bernadette and was a shy and reserved woman.

Despite not seeing a lot of personality from Shelagh, it was made clear to viewers she was struggling with her life as a nun after she was seen looking into a mirror, removing her veil and letting her hair down. Finding herself and knowing what she wanted in life, she renounced her vows and became a more confident midwifery nurse. Shelagh went on to marry Dr Turner after developing feelings for him in season two.

Shelagh is also a step-mum to Patrick’s son Timothy (Max Macmillan), who was supportive of their relationship. Touching on the progression of her character at the BFI and Radio Times Television Festival, Laura described Shelagh’s progression as a “full circle moment”. She explained: “Yeah, absolutely, she really juggles so much and for me a full circle moment to transition from nun to becoming Sheila Turner. “It felt like she became who she truly wanted to be when she put a nurse’s uniform on because I felt serving others was as important to her.

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