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Below Deck’s Chef Ben reveals major new project away from Bravo series ‘We’re positive’

Bravo’s reality show Below Deck has remained a huge hit with viewers since it landed on screens in 2013 and the show has since expanded its franchise with a number of spin-offs in numerous locations. With a high turnover of crew members, the departed Chef Ben Robinson opened up on his upcoming TV series. Viewers will remember Chef Ben as one of the original stars of the franchise who made a huge impression on fans during his appearances over six seasons.

However, the last time he was seen on screens was during season four of Below Deck Mediterranean, when he featured in an unforgettable scene. Chef Ben saved the day after he agreed to join the charter after the initial Chef was fired. Following his exit, the beloved cook revealed he could soon be returning to TV after confirming he was in talks for an upcoming project.Although Ben made a comeback in season four, it was the last time he would appear in the original series.

During an Instagram Live, he shared his decision to retire as a yacht chef after his time on Below Deck Med Season 4 and focus on working as a private chef. Speaking to the publication, Ben revealed Below Deck was always supposed to be a stepping stone for his own cooking show. He admitted: “That was the game plan, that’s why I got onto the Below Deck. I never saw that as the end goal.

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