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Young Sheldon Fans Cant Seem To Agree On This Big Aspect Of The Show

In May of 2022 Reddit user Mystique_7 opened a thread with a question has Young Sheldon deviated too far away from its comedic side? In posing this question they also ran a poll on the subject that yielded some interesting results. Of the 275 votes 80 people agreed 95 disagreed and 100 sat somewhere in the middle. The replies to the initial post were just as varied with some explaining that Young Sheldon should embrace the drama and not force comedy at the wrong time while others posited that the show is better off keeping a lighter funnier tone.

At the end of the day Young Sheldon is all about exploring the title characters turbulent upbringing. Therefore sometimes the series has to go into darker territory especially bearing in mind some of the more somber elements of Sheldons backstory that Big Bang Theory set up years ago. According to cocreator Steve Molaro thats why Young Sheldon isnt 100% comedy.

We try to honor those stories but also like to find unexpected ways for them to play out he told TV Line via Express adding that life is complicated and thats something worth exploring. Some Big Bang Theory fans expected Young Sheldon to carry the same colorful comedic tone as its predecessor but thats clearly not the case. It doesnt shy away from touching on heavy topics ranging from adultery to even death. Nevertheless the debate over whether thats one of the prequels strengths or weaknesses will rage on for years to come.

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