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‘Young Royals’: Everything You Need to Know Before Season Two

Originally premiering on Netflix in 2021 Young Royals is a Swedish LGBTQ teen drama. The series follows Wilhelm portrayed by Edvin Ryding a young prince who was sent to a private boarding school after being seen in a video of a club fight.

Rather unhappy with being transferred to a new school, Wilhelm is miserable in his new environment. That is until he meets Simon (portrayed by Omar Rudberg), a first-year student living with his family off the grounds of the school. This drama is a queer take on the upper class/lower class dynamic. An attempt to turn it into valuable commentary was made, however, it was not entirely successful. There is a lot of tension within the plot, though it does not always pay off in the ways expected. Instead, the show adds more layers of drama one on top of another. It is actually amusing to watch what they’ll come up with next. So strap in, we’re in for a recap! And beware, spoilers ahead.

The planning process requires the acquisition of alcohol. August asks Simon if he has a contact that could accommodate this request. Reluctantly, Simon agrees to get the liquor by talking to his deadbeat father, all because he needs the money and social connections. The initiation proves to be exceptionally brutal. However, a big party follows. During the party, Wilhelm and Simon hideout from August and his friends and sparks fly. The next day, the two sit next to each other in class, and Wilhelm suggests that Simon go to the professor for tutoring when he is unhappy with his grade. Simon figures he can pay for his tutoring with the money that August owes him for the alcohol and takes the opportunity. An issue arises when August can’t pay on the spot. This issue will persist for the next few episodes.

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