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Will ‘Better Call Saul’ Breakout Rhea Seehorn Survive the Finale? ‘Death Is Not the Only Tragic End’

Rhea Seehorn’s fiancé doesn’t know if Kim Wexler lives. Neither do her stepchildren, who recently became “Better Call Saul” fans — and now demand similar answers about her fate. There are just six episodes left before the “Breaking Bad” prequel wraps up its six-season run in August. How it all ends is still a closely guarded secret. Seehorn, of course, won’t entertain guesses about her character’s destiny. But she offers a twist: Maybe the question isn’t whether Kim dies — but what happens if she doesn’t? “Death is not the only tragic end,” she teases.

All we know from the “Breaking Bad” timeline are the characters who later pop up in that show — starting with Jimmy McGill, aka Saul Goodman, aka Gene Takovic. Bob Odenkirk’s now-iconic role, which began as a one-note huckster lawyer on “Bad,” evolved into a textured, deeply flawed yet sympathetic lead in “Better Call Saul.” It’s a prequel that has in many ways surpassed its originator in complex storytelling.

But what’s made Saul such a compelling character also comes down to the actor co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have paired with Odenkirk: Seehorn, as the equally complicated Kim, a budding lawyer who managed to escape her past as the daughter of a huckster — only to wind up being married to another. Kim Wexler gave Rhea Seehorn the platform she needed to showcase her talent. As “Saul” comes to a close, this is her moment to capitalize on all of the accolades and good will, which Seehorn fans hope will include her first Emmy nomination.

“Here’s a character who was never mentioned or even alluded to on ‘Breaking Bad,’ and yet she’s become the focus of so much love and concern,” Gould says. “It’s the greatest compliment in the world because it says that we’ve accomplished something that we were hoping to do, which was to make a show that could stand on its own. And Rhea’s been an enormous part of that. I think it’s a tribute to her brilliance that people are this concerned about her.”

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