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Vin Diesel Says Real Gamers Will Be Excited For ARK 2

Sundays Xbox and Bethesda nonE3 showcase gave us plenty to get excited about from Starfield to Hollow Knight Silksong and even Persona on Xbox. Sandwiched in between cool announcements and gameplay footage for upcoming releases there was a reminder that ARK 2 is happening and Vin Diesel is in it whether you like it or not. And hes riding a dinosaur because of course he is.

2017s title ARK Survival Evolved was pretty good so when the sequel was announced in 2020 it really wasnt a surprise. However the Fast & Furious star joining Studio Wildcard as an executive producer was something Im not sure anyone saw coming. Needless to say he is very excited about the game and he wants you to be too.

Check out the latest trailer for ARK 2 below to see Vin Diesel riding a dinosaur. Who doesnt want to see that? Following Sundays presentation Diesel took to Instagram to share his unbiased take on the upcoming title and its predecessor as well as other exciting news The best game right now is Ark Survival Evolved…my son introduced me to the game many years ago. years. Then [Studio] Wildcard and all the [geniuses] asked me to guide IP into the TV and film space… an [honor] I cant begin to describe Diesel wrote. Any gamer! real is excited for Ark 2! But Im excited for all of you to see how the franchise unfolds on the big screen. Stay tuned.

Thats right youre not a real gamer if youre not excited about ARK 2. Sorry its the breaks says Vin Diesel. Also yes he just confirmed out of the blue that hes going to star in an ARK movie No word on when it will premiere but if it means we get to see more of the actor riding dinosaurs sign me up. up. ARK 2 on the other hand is set to release sometime in 2023. If you havent tried its predecessor yet you can grab it for free on Steam right now until Sunday June 19 6pm UK time. Make sure you get at it while you can.

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