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Vanessa Hudgens to Jessica Chastain: Stars who stole the show at Tony Awards 2022

Hollywood celebrities put their best foot forward as they walked down the red carpet at the Tony Awards 2022.

From Jessica Chastain to Vanessa Hudgens, stars turned heads with their glamorous appearances at the prestigious ceremony.The celebrities brought their fashion A-game to the star studded affair as they flaunted their ravishing attires at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City.If you’ve laid eyes on any kind of screen lately, chances are you already know that Vanessa Hudgens is everything, everywhere, all at once.On Sunday night, she was the host of the MTV Movie & TV Awards, an awards show that has failed to make a blip on the pop culture radar since the late aughts, when it actually attracted real star power and not just TikTok stars whose fame is as fleeting as a viral dance trend. But for Vanessa Hudgens, there is no bar that is too low.

Every gig is another chance for a photograph, another opportunity for her face to grace the screen of a rare television-watcher who still channel-surfs. Like any savvy star, she knows that maintaining fame is all about the right amount of saturation.Her breakthrough was in Disney’s High School Musical as Zac Efron’s character’s beard, Gabriella Montez, which won the hearts of millions of impressionable young children and elicited the ire of parents worldwide who had to suffer through the CD soundtrack during long car rides. Since then, Hudgens has been carefully curating her own career. And by carefully curating, I mean she has been careful not to miss a single script that landed on her agent’s desk.

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