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Trevor Noah Tricks His Audience Into Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ for Trump

After the boos ceased Noah joked that the haters cant even give the poor man a day off.Trevor Noah joked that Donald Trump could not catch a break on his birthday just because he tried to overthrow the government. Welcome to Best of Late Night a rundown of the previous nights highlights that lets you sleep and lets us get paid to watch comedy. Here are the 50 best movies on Netflix right now.Donald Trump turned 76 on Tuesday and Trevor Noah tricked his Daily Show audience into singing Happy Birthday to the former president before saying whom they were singing it for. After the boos ceased he remarked that the haters cant even give the poor man a day off.

All week long the Jan. 6 committee has been riding his ass just because he tried to overthrow the government. And now and now theyre even accusing him of fraud just because he asked his supporters for money to set up an election defense fund and didnt set up an election defense fund Noah said.Former President Trump turned 76 today so now hes really asking everyone to stop the count. SETH MEYERS. Thats right today was former President Donald Trumps 76th birthday. Pretty impressive 76 and he can still get an insurrection. SETH MEYERSTrump took some of the money he said hes going to use to fight election fraud and paid his sons fiancée $60000 for a twominute introduction speech which is such a scam I do not care what anyone says. Thats an even bigger scam than tai chi. Yeah oh I am sorry who are you going to fight an army of slow butterflies TREVOR NOAH

They also skimmed off over $200000 for the former presidents hotels and that was just Giulianis bar tab. STEPHEN COLBERT.During yesterdays congressional hearing it was revealed that Donald Trump Jr.s fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle was paid $60000 to speak at the rally before the Capitol attack. Well technically $20000 to speak and then $40000 to please stop. SETH MEYERS.This does prove that Donald Trump is a proud feminist ally. Yeah thats right I said it. Everyones always complaining about women get paid less for more work but Trump no he is doing everything to close the wage gap. He paid Kimberly Guilfoyle for two minutes work. He paid Stormy Daniels for two minutes of work. Yeah Trump isnt breaking the law he is breaking the glass ceiling. TREVOR NOAH

So he duped $250 million from his most passionate supporters and then watched as they all go to prison while he sat in MaraLago doublefisting coconut shrimp. And these arent wealthy people. You can always tell when theyre wearing nothing but giveaway merch from the losing team. STEPHEN COLBERT.As much as people want to be angry at Donald Trump I feel like this is one of the instances where he is the black light on Americas democracy. Because he didnt invent this scam politicians from every party use their campaign funds to enrich their friends its just Trump does it so egregiously that everyone notices it. All politicians are like Donate its for the fund but nobody looks where the money goes. Yeah its just something you pay attention to because of how he does it. Its the same way all of us have eaten a grape or two at the grocery store but Trumps the guy who walks into Whole Foods with a fork and knife you know Hes like imitating Trump You guys have the best raw chicken. So good. So good. TREVOR NOAH

Rudy Giuliani is firing back on reports from the Jan. 6 hearings that he was inebriated on election night. He tweeted I refused all alcohol that evening. My favorite drink Diet Pepsi. So just to be clear Rudy defense is that he gave the dumbest most unethical advice in the history of America while stone cold sober got it. JAMES CORDEN. It can be very hard to tell because sometimes hes drunk and sometimes hes pretending hes not. STEPHEN COLBERT.What an endorsement that is. You just know the people at Pepsi were like Uh he must mean Diet Coke. He means Coca Cola right You mean Coca Cola Any brand of cola really RC Cola Shasta maybe a generic grocery store brand cola. JAMES CORDEN.imitating Giuliani I love Diet Pepsi especially a robust red Diet Pepsi or in the summer a diet Pepsi rosé. I also enjoy boxed Diet Pepsi. — STEPHEN COLBERT

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