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These Are The Sickest Custom Rides From The Grand Tour

Leaving Top Gear did not stop the famous trio from making even more wild and ludicrous custom creations to keep the fans guessing.

Jeremy Clarkson James May and Richard Hammond. These three gentlemen are single handedly in this case six handedly responsible for bringing the auto industry and car culture to new heights of popularity. We bet many people started watching Top Gear for the humor and satire and ended up becoming gearheads. But when their stint on Top Gear came to a sudden end because of some physical alterations between Jeremy and a producer of the show Clarkson and his two mates got an offer from Amazon and the world got blessed with The Grand Tour.

After the trio left Top Gear The Grand Tour was arguably the next best thing. And just like their previous show the three hosts did not hold back on satirical stunts and their classic buffoonery. Hence we got to see a lot of challenges road trips and special episodes over the course of 4 seasons so far. Everyone knows that with challenges and road trips come modified cars. Some of them are weird and great some of them are just weird but a few of them are simply next level. So we went through all of them and found 10 of the best and coolest ones.

The boys went to Namibia on a crazy journey through the Namib desert in search of a road. Their starting point was a spot where the desert meets the South Atlantic Ocean. Its fitting that a car from the first Special episode of the show starts off this list as well.The boys brought their own beach buggies but Jeremy clearly was not happy with the stock power of a VW Beetle buggy. So we got to see what happens when a tiny little buggy gets a big ol V8 strapped to its back. If we had to guess Jeremys reason behind it was SPEED AND POWER.

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