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The Queen may be Britains last successful monarch says Society author

One of the Societys authors suggested that Queen Elizabeth II might be the last successful British monarch attributing this to the fact that petty feuds in the royal family circulate in the newspapers almost daily. Was Jubilee a faithful farewell to the monarchy? asked Petronella White daughter of politician and journalist Woodrow White one of the late Queen Mothers best friends. According to the Daily Mail.

Whites comments about the royal family come on the heels of the Queens platinum jubilee celebrations marking 70 years of her historic reign. This achievement was followed by a series of royal upheavals that included divisions within the royal family regarding Prince Andrew and comments made by Prince Charles criticizing the governments plan to move to Rwanda.The Daily Mail reported that White was not confident in the future of the monarchy with Charles and William in charge arguing that the Queen could be the last successful British monarch.

The queens heirs cant fix it she said. Charles thinks he is the leader of the opposition William is gullible and little family feuds are in the papers almost daily. This would not have happened under Prince Philip. Philip the eminent patriarch of the royal family died in April 2021 at the age of 99. The funeral which took place at the castle a few days later marked another important milestone for the divided royal family as it marked the first time since he left the royal family fulltime that Prince Harry has returned to the UK. .

The princes return came just weeks after the historic interview he had with his wife Meghan Markle with Oprah Winfrey aired.Meghan did not attend the funeral staying at her family home in Santa Barbara California and sending a floral greeting in her place. Royal watchers witnessed a small reunion between Harry and William who have known a strained relationship in recent years when the two brothers were photographed chatting after the funeral.

This scene was not repeated at the Platinum Jubilee which made headlines before and during the events that determined whether William and Harry would put on a joint performance to celebrate the Queen. Meghan and Kate Middleton together since they met Oprah. However the spouses did not interact arriving and leaving separately and sitting separately.

Despite Whites comments about William and his skepticism about the future of the monarchy a recent poll by the British firm IPSOS found the public to be more optimistic. When asked if they thought William would do a good job as king 74 per cent answered in the affirmative while only 7 per cent said they thought he would do a bad job.An opinion poll conducted by the same body in April also showed that nearly half of Britons believed Charles would do a good job as king. This compares with 19 percent who responded that they thought he would do a bad job.

As the Queens health and mobility continue to influence the promise of her private and official engagements both Charles and William saw an increase in her role. In May Charles was asked to represent the King at the State Opening of Parliament and read for the first time the Kings speech before the House of Lords and Parliament.For the platinum jubilee celebrations the Queen has also relied on Charles to handle planned events and the 96yearold Queen only made two public appearances on the balcony of Buckingham Palace at the opening and closing ceremonies.


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