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The Legend Of Korra Characters Who Would Make Great Demon Slayers

The Legend of Korra may not have the laser-tight focus on martial arts that Avatar: The Last Airbender does, but it provided fans with a cast of characters that were flexible and powerful. Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Asami were all forced to continuously adapt their skills as the world around them changed at an alarming pace.

Adaptability will never be as visually engaging as a mastery of martial arts or weapons combat, but it is still worthy of appreciation. Thanks to the time they spent adapting to new settings and conflicts in canon, the cast of TLoK would have no trouble mastering a breathing technique and fitting into the world of Demon Slayer.

Korra’s Strength Goes Beyond The Legend Of Korra’s Power System
Unlike Avatar Aang, there is a ruthlessness behind Korra’s actions that cannot be ignored. To prove this point, all fans have to do is look at her bending habits. The Avatar is able to bend all four elements, yet Korra relies primarily on one. By relying on firebending over the other three, Korra proved that she is not above harming her foes when faced with conflict. This conviction would prove her well when faced with the demons that terrorize the world of Demon Slayer. She may even have the skill to be the Flame Hashira.

Throughout the majority of Zhu Li’s time onscreen, she is relegated to the background in order to make space for Varrick’s oversized ego. This allows for one of the most entertaining characters in TLoK to express himself freely, but it also stops Zhu Li from showing off her skills. When Zhu Li finally gets the chance to step out of Varrick’s shadow in the 4th season of The Legend of Korra, she proves just how skilled she is. These skills include an impressive work ethic and the ability to operate behind the scenes. These traits alone make Zhu Li a prime candidate for the Demon Slayer Corps.

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