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The Green Planet at night Dubais indoor rainforest relaunches camping experience

Dubais indoor rainforest The Green Planet has relaunched its overnight camping experience to the public. Visitors are able to sleep among the more than 3000 animals and plants that call the biodome home. Scroll through the gallery above to see what The Green Planet looks like at night. Tents are pitched and activities planned with games and experiences catering to families. Staff lead rainforest tours so guests can learn more about the nocturnal animals living there and movie screenings or story time also take place.

The experience which is available on Fridays and Saturdays until August 27 begins at 7pm with dinner being served at the Green Planet Cafe where breakfast is also given the following morning when the journey wraps up. Visitors also get the chance to feed the animals. The package costs Dh700 for a tent for two guests. A large tent for four is Dh1200. Prices include access to lockers bathrooms and shower facilities. The familyfriendly facility is home to a wide range of creatures including Fluffy the bearcat a male binturong thats The Green Planets biggest furry resident as well as cottontop tamarin monkey twins that were born at the dome.

In 2019 the team took in an abandoned slow loris that was rescued from Dubais streets. Lonely Loris as he is called was found abandoned in a box and is thought to have been illegally trafficked. The doeeyed primate is a Sunda slow loris from Java Indonesia. There are nine species of slow loris which originate from Asia and they are at significant risk of extinction in the wild sharing the same critical status as African elephants gorillas and orangutans. A few months later Amal a second slow loris was brought to the facility for breeding purposes.

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