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The Funniest Running Gags in Married With Children Ranked

Married With Children was one of the first antisitcoms. The most popular sitcoms of the day was wholesome familyoriented shows. Married With Children changed that with its hook being anything opposite of heartwarming and as such it was one of the first shows that established Fox as a real player among other networks. The shows instant popularity spoke loud and clear that people were ready for a change in their sitcom entertainment.

Who could blame poor Buck? He is neglected by his family. They leave and forget about him. They forget to feed him. The viewers can sometimes hear Bucks thoughts and he doesnt think very highly of his family. Buck is a running storyline throughout the Married with Children series. Even when Buck dies he is reincarnated as a Cocker Spaniel puppy named Lucky.

Steve And Marcys Marriage

Steve David Garrison and Marcys Amanda Bearse marriage was a storyline that lasted for four seasons. Steve and Marcys marriage represented everything Al Ed ONeill and Peggy Bundys Katey Sagal marriage was not and the comedy came from the opposites in the marriages. David Garrison decided to leave the show and pursue other things. Marcys character changed more than anyone throughout the entire series. When the series began she was sweet and naïve but later in the series she was as bad as The Bundys.

Jefferson Is The GoodLooking Unemployed Moocher

Once Steve left the show. Marcy found another lover. The lover Marcy found was the attractive but perpetually unemployed husband Jefferson Ted McGinley. Jefferson and Marcy were more like the Bundys than Steve and Marcy. The comedy came from Jefferson mooching off Marcy because of his good looks. This storyline would last the rest of the series and later in the series a storyline developed that Jefferson may not have been a moocher but had secretly been a spy the whole time.

Marcy Is The Controlling Nosy Neighbor

The storyline of Marcy as the controlling nosey neighbor lasted throughout the entire series. As the show progressed Marcys attitude became worse and she became more like the Bundys. She wasnt as nosy as Gladys Kravitz on Bewitched but her attitude was worse than Gladyss.

During the later seasons Marcy seemed to live to make Al Bundys life worse and make him feel like a bigger loser than he already felt. Bud Bundy Will Probably End Up Like His Father Bud Bundy David Faustino is probably the most intelligent person in his family with the most potential other than Buck but that isnt saying much. Bud is the one family member who could probably do something with his life but wont because of his bad attitude.

The storyline of Bud being sexobsessed and socially inept runs throughout the entire series and becomes worse the older Bud becomes. The storylines he gets into prove that he like the rest of his family is his own biggest enemy. Kelly Bundy Is Not Super Smart Kelly Bundy Christina Applegate being attractive but shallow and a bit spiteful is a storyline that runs throughout the entire series. Kellys lack of insight gets worse the older she becomes. Kelly has more success and lucky breaks than any other family member because of her good looks but its to little avail.

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