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The Boys: “I was under a lot of pressure”… Jensen Ackles’ secrets about his nudity scene

This is an arrival that did not go unnoticed! Ever since Soldier Boys name was mentioned in The Boys fans could not wait to see him make it to the show! And the desire increased tenfold when the production revealed that it would be actor Jensen Ackles who would play this character. While the latter appeared in flashback in the first episodes of season 3 available on Amazon Prime Video the fourth installment of this salvo gave us a nice surprise. Indeed The Boys find Soldier Boy who is therefore very much alive. A scene that shows Jensen Ackles in Adams outfit. A moment that was not easy for the actor as he

Of course yes I felt some pressure to get naked for the shoot. I am interested in finding someone who did not hesitate or felt pressure to do and look their best when they were going to be you know photographed naked for the whole world to see Jensen Ackles who also declined to shoot a disturbing scene told us . Yeah I was under a lot of pressure and took a lot of steps to m sure I was going to be as comfortable and confident as I could be with my body. The pressure probably is not as great as it is for the women who face it in our profession but the men are there. certainly faced too. He is not the only actor to feel pressure for nudity scenes in fiction because Sam Heughan also revealed to us that he had asked for a change for season 6 of Outlander .

Karen Fukuhara did not have time to finish his sentence when Tomer Capone whose character in The Boys is nicknamed The Frenchman took the floor to come back to this stuntman in question. He had to be on set 12 hours a day with a dildo stuck in his eye. Those are the kind of sacrifices our stunt guys make on set the comedian recalled with a laugh. During our interviews Antony Starr the interpreter of The Protector also revealed to us that a prosthetic penis had been removed from The Deeps costume. Chace Crawford then explained to uswhy the executives of the SVOD platform decided that his character could not display an oversized penis under his costume. A season 3 of The Boys also marked by another shock sequence which disgusted many viewers .

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