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Stream or skip Jane Fonda & Lily Tomlin Ladies Night Live on Netflix to celebrate funny women

Just days after the Grace and Frankie finale aired on Netflix costars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin chaired a standup show at the opening at Netflix Is A Joke The Festival in Los Angeles to celebrate the generations of funny women who followed. The Gist Lily Tomlin is a beloved comedy icon. Jane Fonda is a global icon.

Theyve worked together to make us laugh for over 40 years from 9 to 5 in the 80s then again with Grace and Frankie and this year starred again in the upcoming movie 80 To Brady. However for the Netflix Comedy Festival these curvaceous ladies seemed more than happy to share the stage with so many other gorgeous ladies. Among the backup artists in order are Heather McMahan Michelle Buteau Cristella Alonzo Elisa Schlesinger Tracy Ashley and Margaret Cho.

In addition to a duet by Rachel Bloom and Elliot Glazer and multiple banter clips as Jane and Lily answer audience questions. What comedy specials will remind you of it? Weve already reached the point where the festivals Netflix shows are starting to blend in with one another. Memorable Jokes The show begins with a montage of comedians preparing for the event as we hear Dolly Parton sing the song from 9 to 5.

The topic may have been funny women most of whom have a Netflix connection but surprisingly all the comedians just wanted to joke about the pandemic. McMahan popular on Instagram and seen on Love Hard notes how women deal with panic better than men. Botto who hosts The Circle reminded us of how much its changed since the last time I stood on Netflix providing a followup on what he did at the time about body parts we dont want to see as well as sassy revelations thanks to his use of face masks. Alonzo who premiered his second special on Netflix later this month made fun of people wearing face masks and his neighbors buying impractical things at the grocery store.

Schlesinger with several Netflix specials under her belt has highlighted the outdoor dining situations in Los Angeles and challenged audiences with snippets to explore whether Americans take part in the Wake Up contest and Karens defense of them. Ashley who appeared as a producer on her hit Tiffany Haddish Presents They Ready has questioned the plight of women who gain too much weight while working from home during the pandemic.

JohnsonReyes with her former Netflix show has instead focused on getting older and how to understand your responses to your text messages. Shaw who was also seen on Netflixs highprofile festival show Stand Out An LGBTQ + Celebration offered more realistic thinking about how the pandemic has led to more violence against Asian women voiced support for sex workers and revealed that if she dollars because every time he gave up he would be very rich and he would be Elon FK.

But the biggest cheer from the audience came midway through the show when John Diane Raphael and Brooklyn Decker interrupted the standing part posing as Grace and Frankie toasting Tomlin and Fonda with a real toast with Daisy Flower. Complete with cocktails that are distributed to certain members of the public.
What we saw The shutdown number found Glazer and Bloom singing a mix of older songs that are in the public domain joking about which songs theyd sing if they got the music release rights. This is how I felt about the whole thing. It could have been much more but would that require more effort?

It would have been a true tribute to Tomlin and Fonda celebrating decades of collaboration activism and comedy. Alonzos opening notes provided the beginning telling the duo that as a child she would watch 95 with her Mexican mother who spoke Spanish the whole time and we loved it because it was so cool to watch a movie. Where women can be funny and smart So thank you very much.

What if instead of presenting powerful if not always stunningly unique collections of observations about the pandemic each of the pauses told stories and jokes about Fonda and Tomlin and their impact on comedy society and women? It could have been special. However as Netflix Is A Joke Festival specials keep coming up they dont look all that different from the LOL Comedy Festival specials that were filmed and sold to Showtime a decade ago.

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