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Spotlight Interview Grace and Frankie Cinematographer Luke Miller

Spotlight is ComingSoons interview series with belowtheline and/or upandcoming talent in the world of television and film. Our aim is to shine a spotlight on the varied positions that make the entertainment you love possible rather than focusing purely on actors and directors.

ComingSoons Jeff Ames had the opportunity to speak with cinematographer Luke Miller about his work on Netflixs Grace and Frankie. Luke Miller I was interested in filmmaking as a whole before I landed on cinematography. It was really the ability of a movie to create an entire world that exists within the frame with its own rules and physics and laws that was just magical to me. I wanted to be a part of creating those worlds and learn how to harness the magic that has the power to entertain excite move or cause deep introspection in an audience.

I started film school at Columbia College Chicago thinking I would study directing but as I learned more about how films were made and learned about the incredible amount of collaboration required to make a movie I kept finding myself gravitating toward the cameras. While studying there the language of lighting and lenses really came naturally to me whereas I could stare at a blank piece of paper for hours before writing Fade in…. It was while studying there that I discovered I was much more interested in helping directors tell their stories visually than telling my own. As soon as I heard the elevator pitch I was very interested.

The idea that Jane Fonda Lily Tomlin Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston would all be in the same show was immediately intriguing. My first thought was Any one of these four incredible actors could have their own show its going to be incredible to get them all together. The cast alone made it a onceinalifetime opportunity to work with so many legendary actors. On top of that Marta Kauffman and Howard Morriss incredible writing talents made it a nobrainer. I didnt have a second of hesitation.

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