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Sister Wives Why Fans Are Questioning Mariah Browns Sexuality

Audrey Kriss and Mariah Brown from Sister Wives are spotted at Utahs gay pride event. Both have their shirts undone in an effort to show support.

Mariah Brown has been extremely supportive of her partner Audrey Kriss but Sister Wives viewers are now questioning whether Mariah is also going through a journey regarding her sexuality. Viewers have watched the two women step back from the limelight and move back to Utah. Even though Audrey and Mariah are not yet married viewers are enjoying their updates on social media.

Mariah is Meri and Kody Browns only child. Like every other Brown sibling Mariah has made it perfectly clear she does not want to live a polygamist lifestyle. Sister Wives fans loved seeing Mariah on the show as she added a lot to the series especially when she challenged her familys conservative ways as an adult. In 2017 Mariah came out as gay on a Sister Wives episode which left her mother and father gobsmacked. While at college Mariah met Audrey and announced shortly after that they planned to wed.

Recently Audrey posted a photo of themself and Mariah celebrating Salt Lake Citys pride festival. In the photo fans noticed that Audrey and Mariah both had their shirts undone. Audrey shared with fans that Open shirt at Pride this year was big time gender euphoria. As Sister Wives viewers are aware Audrey recently underwent top surgery to have their breasts removed. Mariah seemed to stand by her partners side and even had a few buttons undone herself but many wondered if she too had undergone surgery.

Mariah only liked the photo and did not leave a comment for fans to dissect. Viewers couldnt help but notice that Mariahs look had changed a bit as she looks to be wearing more crop tops and biker shorts. At the end of May Audrey took to social media to share some major news with their followers while showing off their chest. Sister Wives fans could clearly see the scars and noted how happy Audrey was. Audrey opened up to fans about how hard the past few years have been but thankfully they had a good team supporting them which has included Mariah.

While Mariah Brown has yet to acknowledge any of the fans comments she seems to be happily standing by Audrey and their journey. Their wedding date has not yet been announced but Sister Wives fans already know they will not be filing their ceremony for the show. Mariah and Audrey have happily announced that after celebrating pride they will be moving to Denver Colorado to be closer to their friends.

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