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Sandra Bullock joins Brad Pitt in the assassin fray with new Bullet Train trailer

Bullock finally shows her face in the latest trailer for Bullet Train as Maria Beetle the handler of trained killer Ladybug Pitt. She tasks him with retrieving a briefcase from a high speed train in Japan and getting off before the next stop. Things get complicated when Ladybug realizes there’s a bunch of other assassins on this locomotive and some of them have ties to his past.The trailer unpacks a lot more of the story which is based on the high novel Maria Beetle by Japanese author Kōtarō Isaka. The book was published in English as Bullet Train.

Maria dubs Pitts character Ladybug ironically. He has anything but lucky. So when everything goes wrong on his mission he takes it as par for the course. After lifting the briefcase he encounters a man named Wolf Bad Bunny a killer that hails from a previous job he did at the wedding. He then realizes the two guys guarding the briefcase are Tangerine Aaron Taylor Johnson and Lemon Brian Tyree Henry who he remembers from a stint in Bolivia.The movie in a sense is a meditation on fate things you can not control and how you impact somebodys life halfway around the world and you do not even realize it director David Leitch previously explained to EW. All of these crazy characters are connected in ways they do not really understand yet. It all comes to fruition in the end.Joey King Andrew Koji Hiroyuki Sanada Zazie Beetz Logan Lerman and Karen Fukuhara also appear in the film which will open in theaters Aug. 5.

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