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Rocken’s answer to cheese sandwich with cucumber

Bryan Adams sings that he wants to die at 18 and turns 63 this year. The last digit is only noticeable up close. A concert with the most famous Canadian jeans looks even better than fifteen years ago. Brian Adams Location Avicii Arena formerly Globin Stockholm. Public No information. Guess 1011000. Duration two hours. Best Summer 69 When You Go and guitarist Keith Scott. Worse Have you ever loved a woman? He doesnt really come alone here.

The newspaper whose photos you want to take must sign a contract giving Brian Adams management the right to choose which photos to publish eg Aftonbladet. It is very horrible. In other words Adams PR guys have the same view of the media as Donald Trump. but why? Isnt it easier to buy an ad? Everything including Bryan Adams looks the same as last time. And the time before that. And the time before that. And so on and so on and so on.

Like an ice rink in the 80s In fact it is possible to film a concert with Brian Adams with a photo from any other concert since 1984. Few if any noticed a significant difference. Brian changes clothes. After the first song he took off his leather jacket and appeared in his place in a black shirt. I dont know if theres a nostalgic idea but on some songs the vocal mix strangely resembles an 80s ice rink. The rocking sound of the bass transcends most things except Keith Scotts guitar solo.

Tankarna appears on the Live album Live! Live! Live! Inspelad in regnig kväll på Festivalen Rock Werchter i Belgien 1988. Ne Som Vet Ne Vet. Ni andra kan lugnt scrolla vidare.Bryan Adams gör ett ambitiöst set. The Pandit Han Och River is 25 meters from the Pandit River. Many world artists can go on for four decades without rushing onefifth of Bryans hit both in terms of quantity and size. He has also sounded much tougher before. Here the Canadian shows a glow of relaxed routine and carefree audience contact that did not seem urgent for untio fifteen o Sedan.

He receives spontaneous song requests lets a guy he names come up from the audience and sings along to somebody and creates a roaring shanana singalong in cut like a knife. Do not miss a little Never in a women only place. For each Run to you there is Shine a light. One is one of Sportradions greatest classics in the other Bryan tries to convince his audience that he has a convince by repeating the words shine a light five times in a row. In other words it will be quite uneven. Not all riffhappy jeans rock will be as successful as for example Its only love. In addition Adams has devoted a large part of his career to nauseating MTV ballads and here almost everyone comes at one and the same time finished All for love.

But then he also has Sky and Summer of 69. Brian Adams is the best in the world. There is nothing that overturns the world anymore. But it can be quite good sometimes.1. Kick ass 2. This we started can not be stopped 3. Run to you 4. Shine a light 5. Heaven 6. Knock down a rock 7. Its just love 8. On the way 9. You belong to me 10 Did you ever love really a woman? 11. Here I am 12. When you go 13. Everything I do I do it for you 14. We return to you 15. In the fire 16. Please forgive me 17. 18 Until I die 18. Summer of 69 19. Reckless 20. Shes happy when you dance 21. Someone 22. Cuts like a knife EXTRANUMMER 23. So happy it hurts 24. Straight from the heart 25. All for

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