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Rihanna & A$AP Rocky Astrology: Their Compatibility Will Make You Swoon

Theres something endlessly fascinating about a celebrity love story which is why we need to talk about Rihanna and A$AP Rockys astrology and compatibility. When rumors of a romance between these two Hollywood heart first broke out it was almost too much for the internet to handle. I mean Rihanna? And A$AP freaking Rocky? It does not get much hotter than that. Surely theres no such thing as perfect but I dare say that a love story starring a goddess in human form and a legendary hip hop icon A$AP comes pretty damn close. To say I have Love On The Brain would be an understatement but their astrological synastry is no exception.

Born in the tropical island of Barbados on February 20 at 8:50 a.m Ms. Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born under a mystical Pisces sun gracing the world with her mermaid-like presence. Pisces is a dreamy and imaginative zodiac sign which explains her mystical artistic flare. Plus her brash no nonsense personality can be attributed to the fact that she was born under a fearsome and show stopping Aries moon but hold on it gets better. Rihannas moon ruler of emotions and intuition is sitting just a degree away from her Venus planet of love and beauty which enhances the powerful allure of her Aries ascendant that continues to cast the world under her spell. RiRis music and fashion sense are so exceptionally bold that you would think she has not afraid of anything. However lets not forget she has also an emotionally complex water sign and her enigmatic Pisces sun just so happens to occupy her 12th house of spirituality and unseen energies emphasizing her mystical aura. Her art is out of this world indeed but I digress.

A goddess should never settle for anything less than her divine counterpart which is exactly what Rihanna did. After almost a decade of Mr. Rakim Athelaston Mayers aka A$AP Rocky referred to Rihanna as the love of his life during an interview with GQ magazine in their June July 2021 issue. Sparks were clearly flying which is why it came as no shock that they promptly made their official relationship debut in November 2020 according to People. Naturally the only thing left to do us unpack their astrological synastry. Unfortunately we do not currently have access to Rockys birth time but not to worry there are plenty of astrological tidbits to take into consideration after overlaying A$APs placements with Rihannas.

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