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Red Hood Cosplay Turns Jason Todd Into a Literal Demon

Jon_Remings fantastic Red Hood cosplay draws upon Japanese folklore transforming Jason Todd into a terrifying Oniinspired samurai.

Murdered by the Joker and resurrected as a violent antihero Red Hood is no stranger to the supernatural but an incredible cosplay has just turned the antihero into a literal demon. Since his reintroduction in Under the Red Hood Jason Todd has undergone some major transformations to become the nowbeloved antihero fans cannot get enough of. Currently leading a group of zombified villains in Task Force Z this new demonic look is fitting for Red Hood who just cant seem to escape death.

After a short career as Batmans second Robin Jason Todd was murdered by the Joker following a controversial phone poll held by DC in which fans could vote for his fate. Despite his untimely demise at the behest of readers Jason continued to make rare appearances as visions a ghost and even a demon taunting Bruce in the oneshot Batman Demon. Jason would later be brought back to life after a dip in one of Ras al Ghuls Lazarus Pits. As the Red Hood Jason made a name for himself by dismantling Black Masks criminal enterprise in Gotham and going toe to toe with Batman.

Staying true to Red Hoods lethal origins Jon_Remings wicked cosplay posted on Reddit draws upon Japanese folklore depicting the antihero in Oniinspired samurai armor. Despite their terrifying appearance mythological Oni are complex beings who cannot be written off as good or evil a sentiment very fitting for Red Hood who is willing to cross Batmans moral lines when necessary. Staying true to its demonic inspiration Jon_Remings cosplay includes horns and jagged teeth protruding from Red Hoods iconic helmet. Additional touches such as a katana help complete the samurai look.

For a character with a history of death resurrection and blurred morals Jon_Remings Oni cosplay is fitting for Red Hood. The cosplay reminds fans of Jason Todds often forgotten connections to the supernatural as with his ties to Ras al Ghul its not a stretch to associate Red Hood with the occult. The addition of Japanese folklore adds further depth to the cosplays meaning while also giving Red Hood a distinct look. Marvels Momokoverse has won a legion of fans by reimagining its world through folklore and this cosplay makes it very clear that DC could successfully do the same thing. As an awesome comparison Jon_Reming also shared a cosplay of Red Hoods usual costume to Reddit.

Fascinatingly fans recently met the demon whose power is infused in Lazarus Pits hinting that Jason really may have continuing ties to the supernatural and even demonic parts of the DC Universe. It is incredible to see such a talented cosplayer reinvent Red Hood using influences from Japanese folklore. The choice to turn Red Hood into an Oni is striking yet pays homage to the antiheros morals and ties to resurrection.

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