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Ranking The Enterprise: Trekking Through the Years

The U.S.S. Enterprise, the flagship not only of Starfleet but the biggest icon of the long-running Star Trek franchise has gone through many iterations since it first flew across screens in 1966. Now, over five decades later, there are a number of iterations of the starship, some better than others, but all instantly recognizable, and beloved.

Where does one start judging the best of the best? Is it the bridge? Engine room? Nacelle heights? Size? Computer-generated images versus physical models? There are too many options, and each one has factors in its favor, but for this voyage, ship designs will be where we boldly go.

A Little Too Sleek…
Registry NCC-1701 J, Universe-Class. A far distant version of the USS Enterprise is glimpsed in “Azati Prime,” a third season episode of Star Trek: Enterprise. It’s a little too stylized, taking the shape and design that is oh-so-familiar and extrapolating them into a 26th-century iteration. It seems more akin to a sketch of the things that are loved about the Enterprise and stretched into a longer, thinner version of it. The Enterprise J is less appealing than other Starfleet crafts and thinks sleeker is better and more futuristic.

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