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Power book 5 Is the Rashad Tate spinoff still happening?

The world of Power has been slowly but surely expanding in recent years after the end of the original drama on Starz. So far three of the four announced spinoffs have appeared and garnered great reviews from fans. One is still missing but unlike the rest of the series its been pretty quiet about potential updates and release dates. Councilman Rashad Tate played by Larenz Tate made his first appearance in the fourth season of Power when he was trying to make his way to the top of the world of politics. However when he lost the race to become the next New York governor to James Joste St. Patrick Ammar Hardwick he became depressed and wanted to leave politics altogether. This was until Ghost died and Tate was seen talking to the press about how they were friends to try to win some votes for him.

Then he was seen in the episodic Power Book II The Ghost is still trying to get his career back on track. The Force Rashad Tate was last seen in The Force Book 2 The Ghost. Photo Stars However this is not the case and the Power Book V is still receiving approval. Actor Tate told Express.co.uk in January that the creators were focusing all their energy on another show. Tate said The long answer is yes [Power Book V is in the works] there has been a conversation about it but the focus now is Ghost Season 2.

The focus now is Ghost Season 2 and Rashads truly sailing through this realm of power this one in particular. When asked about a possible release date Tate simply said Im so honest I dont know what it is. It is but when I know Im going to say something. Based on Tates comments production on Influence has yet to begin and energy is being given to Powers other dramatic films. However it has been widely reported that the effect could be released sometime in 2023. If thats the case fans still have some time to see what Rashad has been up to since the ghosts death.

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