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One Piece Chapter 1053 (leaked): A shocking addition to the Yonko

Readers better take it all in, because there won’t be another chapter for the next month or so. Eiichiro Oda will be taking a break as he prepares for the final saga. In the meantime, readers have a lot to discuss with the upcoming chapter. One Piece Chapter 1053 spoilers have just been released. All credit goes to Lebrent from the WG Forums, along with OroJapan. Remember, these are only initial leaks, so more information will arrive in the next few days.One Piece Chapter 1053 has just been leaked, so here’s what readers can expectWith the recent downfall of Kaido and Big Mom, their replacements were to be expected. In the previous chapter, the Five Elders mentioned how there wasn’t any way to cover up the news. It was going to get out eventually. The bigger shock is that Buggy joined Luffy’s ranks in the process.Of course, Buggy continues to fail upwards, as he always does. One Piece Chapter 1053 doesn’t reveal how it happened, but it’s likely because of his powerful alliances. Buggy controls the largest mercenary company in the world. By comparison, Law and Kid have no political influence themselves.

Luffy shares the same bounty as Kid and Law
Despite their differences in political titles, the World Government views them as equally dangerous threats. One Piece Chapter 1053 reveals the following about Luffy, Law, and Kid:

“Luffy, Kid and Law all have the same bounty”
Readers will finally see their long awaited bounties in One Piece Chapter 1053. However, the rest of the crew will have to wait a little while longer: “Buggy and the Straw Hats’ (except for Luffy) bounties aren’t revealed.”
Of course, the main focus is going to be Luffy, Law, and Kid. Oda will likely want to save the rest of the bounties for another date. By doing so, their spotlight won’t be completely stolen. Readers will definitely be looking forward to Luffy’s bounty in the next few days.

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