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Nine Baltimore Youths Are Headed To Steve Harvey’s Mentoring Camp

Nine of Baltimore’s teenagers and young men are gearing up for a trip this weekend that could change their lives. These young men will be joining about two hundred other teenagers and men from across the country, all heading to a mentoring camp hosted by comedian, actor, and television host, Steve Harvey. On Tuesday, City Hall hosted Baltimore’s group for an orientation to camp before they leave on Thursday. Today, they had to take a COVID-19 test and learned more about what they can expect during this four-day camp being held just outside Atlanta, Georgia. “We’re going to be impacting the lives of young boys between ages of 14 and 18,” said Derrick Hill, a mentor preparing for their arrival. The Steve and Marjorie Foundation have been holding this camp since 2009 but Hill said this year is different. “This year, we’re really focusing on helping our young men to dream, but not oAt Camp Grace, the teenagers will be fishing and rock climbing along with mentoring.

“A lot of people don’t get this opportunity,” said Tristan Tremble, who is one of the nine traveling from Baltimore. “I feel kinda special.” His mother, India Wilson-Tremble, said she hopes her son will be able to meet people and learn skills he can absorb and bring back to Baltimore. “They might take those opportunities over the everyday opportunities of being violent,” she added. “We see Mister Harvey on television, on Family Feud and doing all these wonderful things but man, he has a heart for young people,” Hill said. nly showing them how to dream . . . also creating the pathways through mentoring,” he said. The camp is being held during Fathers Day. Hill said that is because so many of the young men attending don’t have fathers in their lives and the mentors hope to be a positive father figure for them on that day.

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