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Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron team up for new romantic drama

Nicole Kid man and Zac E-fron are set to reunite onscreen for the first time in a decade in a new romantic comedy that will also star Joey King. Kid man and E-f ron have previously starred together in 212 s The Paperboy. Kid man was most recently nominated for an Oscar for her work playing Lucille Ball in Aaron Sore kin 221 movie Being the Ricardo. The two will reunite in Netflix upcoming romantic comedy per Deadline. The film is yet to have a title but was recently green lit after the streaming giant bought the script from writer Carrie Solomon.

Though Efron broke out into stardom through the High School Musical films the actor has since demonstrated his comedic chops in movies like Baywatch and Neighbors. Kidman is one of the most highly decorated working actresses receiving 5 Oscar nominations and grand praise for numerous other roles. Zac Efron was last seen playing a dad to a kid with pyromaniac tendencies in Fires tarter Nicole Kidman was facing a marriage crisis while delivering an Oscar nominated turn in Being the Ricardo and Joey King was caught up in Welcome to the Blum houses The Lie.

Nicole Kidman Zac Efron and Joey King are set to star in an upcoming romantic comedy for Netflix according to The Hollywood Reporter.The asof yet untitled film will be written by Richard La Gravenese who has previously worked as a screenwriter on The Fisher King The Bridges of Madison County and more. Carrie Solomon who is currently working on the recently announced Oceans 11 prequel film with Margot Robbie will cowrite the film.

Information on the upcoming film is being kept under wraps although The Hollywood Reporter notes that the film will see a surprising romance kick off comic consequences for a young woman her mother and her movie star boss. The untitled rom com will be produced by Joe Roth Jeff Kirs chenbaum and Alyssa Altman and will reportedly begin production later this summer in Atlanta.

Kid man is coming off of an Academy Award nominated role in which she starred as Lucille Ball in Amazons Being the Ricardos as well as starring in Robert Egger The Nor thman earlier this year. Ef ron also was in theaters earlier this year where he starred in Blum houses remake of Stephen Kings Fires tarter. As for King she continues her rise to fame after breaking out in the Netflix teen romance trilogy The Kissing Booth. Her next role will come in Hulu medieval action feature The Princess which debuts next month on July 1 222.

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