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My Hero Academia Celebrates Its Tiniest Heroes in New Deku/Bakugo Art

The world of My Hero Academia might be coming to a close in the pages of the Shonens manga but that does not mean we are anywhere close to ending the celebration of the heroes of UA Academy.

With the students of Class 1-A set to return this fall with the sixth season of the anime adaptation an artistic assistant to creator Kohei Horikoshi has taken the opportunity to imagine both Midoriya and Bakugo as much smaller versions of themselves making the two star pupils appear far more adorable than we have seen them in recent days.Deku and Bakugo have come a long way since the explosive hot headed hero tormented the inheritor of One For All with the two young heroes burying the hatchet and assisting one another in the fight against All For One Shigaraki and the other villains of the League of Villains.

While many fans rightfully believed based on his personality that Bakugo was a prime possibility of a hero turning to the dark side the young crime fighter has bucked expectations and become one of the strongest heroes currently attending UA Academy and helping in fighting against all threats that are pointed at Hero Society.The assistant to creator Koehio Horikoshi Yoshinori took the opportunity to post this adorable new art to their Official Twitter Account showing us much tinier versions of Bakugo and Deku asking the question as to what the two might have looked like if they began their crime fighting career much earlier in their lives:

The next season of My Hero Academias anime adaptation is set to be a big one for both Deku and Bakugo alike with the War Arc slated to be the next storyline adapted to the television series. With season six set to see the heroes young and old facing down the full force of the Paranormal Liberation Front expect some major developments for these two young heroes along with their fellow classmates and their teachers at UA Academy. What do you think of this adorable new take on Deku and Bakugo? Do you believe both these heroes will make it out of the Shonen series alive as the manga continues the story of its final arc? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter EV Comedy to talk all things comics anime and the world of UA Academy.

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