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More info on The Blue Chip Cameos In Billions Season 6 [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant has an exclusive clip with soccer star Megan Rapinoe to celebrate the home launch of Billions Season 6 which arrives on June 14.

Screen Rant is honored to present an exclusive clip celebrating the home release of Billions sixth season which will arrive on DVD on June 14. Although the series lost costar Damian Lewis last season it has grown even stronger by showing the rivalry between Prince Mike Stolls Chuck Rhodes and Paul Giamatti. It even received a season seven renewal soon after confirming that the exploits of the hedge fund industry have more to explore.

The only thing that sets Billions apart is the iconic guest appearance which consists of talented and notorious celebrities from various industries who make their presence known and legitimize the proceedings. Over the course of several seasons the Showtime series has welcomed the likes of billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban who occasionally rubbed shoulders with Ax and WWE Superstar Becky Lynch who put in a stellar performance to raise the morale of hedge fund employees.

In the Showtime exclusive Billions clip we see Wendy Maggie Sif Sons of Anarchy amid another topnotch cameo this time from Episode 8 The Big Ugly. She appears again working with soccer player Megan Rapinoe on her show Sports Performance. Only this time viewers get additional information on his biography including two FIFA World Cups and an Olympic gold medal as well as context on his skills and activism. Check out the full clip below

While the Olympics show may not have happened as the team had hoped for in The Big Ugly Megan Rapinoes appearance is something the series will enjoy forever. Not only that but as the scene makes clear the camaraderie between Wendy and her idol was vibrant and compelling no matter what happened. Plus its especially exciting to see the lines between fact and fiction blur when celebrities from all walks of life occupy the same space as Chuck Michael and co.

In addition to containing every episode of Season 6 Billions fourDVD set includes two bonus clips and an exclusive item. Billions sixth season begins with the dusting off of the Axs departure Damien Lewis home. With Michael Prince Corey Stoll West Side Story taking his place Chuck Paul Giamatti must develop a new strategy thats more straightforward and sophisticated than before.

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