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Moon Knight Scarlet Scarabs costume comes from an unused Egyptian goddess of show business

Moon Knight has embodied a corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that viewers have yet to see. With Mark Spector introducing Oscar Isaac the series took off in the land of Egyptian mythology balancing those immortal characters and gods with Marvels intellectual property rights. While the Egyptian deities Khuncho Amit and Torit appeared in the flesh throughout the series there was a time when more deities appeared. In fact Mai Kalamawis scarlet beetle costume was heavily based on Isis the Egyptian goddess of motherhood magic healing and rebirth.

At one point Isis and Tefnut the Egyptian god of rain were both set in the series. Since Isis is often portrayed as a winged character the production has chosen to use that Scarlet Scarab quest and not a stunt double. Earlier in the series there were other gods to create and some great gods. Tefnut and Isis were great too visual effects supervisor Martin Hill told us. Hill oversaw a team at Weta FX in New Zealand a vendor that works on nearly every Marvel Studios property. Adds Hill Isis had outstretched wings and a lot of Scarletts design actually came from Isiss design with wings.

As you might expect from superhero movies of this era Scarlet Beetles wings were entirely digital despite Kalamawi wearing a practical suit. There were definitely some shots where we had to replace her entire arms and things because she was doing a pose like Okay but if we add wings to that the wings will cut off your other arm. he adds. So we needed to change things up a bit. . But it was really cool to get into that and having all those beautiful colors on the wings was really nice. Yeah I really hope she has her own show of her own indeed.

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