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Miracleman Joins the XMen Battles the Hulk Venom and More in Marvel’s New Variant Series

Miracleman joins the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe in a series of variant covers celebrating the character’s 40th anniversary. Marvel is celebrating Miracleman with a selection of variant covers that show him alongside a variety of the company’s most popular characters for the first time.

This year Marvel Comics will honor the 40th anniversary of the modern era of Miracleman with a transformative year for the iconic superhero Marvel said of the series’ variant cover readings. …Created by some of the best artists in the industry including Peach Momoko Pepe Larraz John Cassaday Mark Bagley Terry Dodson Jim Cheung Mark Buckingham and Salvador Larroca this stunning artwork serves as an exciting sneak peek from the longawaited upcoming Miracleman movie. New Adventures!

Miracleman’s entry into the Marvel universe was teased in last year’s Timeless limited series which featured hints that the character would soon be fully integrated into the company’s roster of superheroes. While Marvel has had the license to Miracleman since 2014 protracted legal wrangling has kept the hero cut off from the main universe of him.

Marvel’s announcement that the cover series celebrates 40 years of Miracleman’s modern era is a reference to the character’s complex history. Created in 1954 by Mick Anglo as a British version of DC’s Captain Marvel/Shazam Miracleman was a hero whose powers stemmed from atomic energy. Like Shazam he shouted a word to transform into his alter ego in this case it was Kimota or atomic backwards and battled a wide variety of colorful and kidfriendly villains.

In 1982 Alan Moore revived the character for the British anthology comic Warrior giving him a darker spin and it is this modern interpretation that Marvel is referring to. Miracleman would change publishers several times eventually becoming embroiled in a legal dispute between Neil Gaiman who wrote several stories about the character and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane who bought the creative assets of Eclipse a company that had published stories. of Miracleman. With the new series of variant covers and last year’s Timeless ads loosely using the Miracleman name the character now looks set to make waves in Marvel’s 616 universe very soon.

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