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Midsomer Murders star teases huge update on new series ‘Eccentric and playful’

MIDSOMER MURDERS fans will be keen to find out about the next series and one star of the crime drama show has promised the new episodes will have the same feel as the others.Although series 22 is currently airing, the cast is already filming for the next series of Midsomer Murders. The classic ITV drama is set to celebrate 25 years on the air and Detective Sergeant Winter star Nick Hendrix has promised the new episodes will stick with the energy of the previous instalments of the ITV favourite.

Nick has been a key part of the long-running series since 2016.His alter-ego Jamie works closely alongside DCI John Barnaby played by Neil Dudgeon to solve mysterious cases in the unsuspecting villages of Midsomer.The first episodes of the current series saw the duo exploring the Scarecrow Murders, which had shocked the community of Little Upton.Residents had been brutally murdered before being strung up like scarecrows.Nick 37 opened up about the show celebrating 25 years and gave an insight into the new series. Somehow over 25 years and however many episodes Midsomers managed to maintain the standard he commented.We are filming one right now and it feels and looks and is written just as well and eccentrically and playfully as every other episode.

From 25 years ago to now have managed to maintain that somehow even though they have changed actors changed producers changed writers over the yearsSpeaking to Radio Times he continued You know what you are getting with Midsomer.People like a bit of stability in what they watch on TV sometimes.And the producers eagerness to keep the show similar to its older episodes is unsurprising given that the format has been successful for so long.A documentary which aired last month explored the history of the detective drama.Midsomer Murders 25 Years of Mayhem saw cast members including John Nettles Jane Wymark Jason Hughes Neil Dudgeon Fiona Dolman Daniel Casey and Annette Badland discussing the popular series.Writer Jeff Povey and producer Ian Strachan also gave their views on the shows popularity.With the current series keeping viewers as entertained as ever it will come as good news that the series has no plans to majorly change direction.Talking about the current series Nick recently discussed a spooky moment that occurred on set.

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