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Michele Morrone AnnaMarias 365 Days This Day trailer OUT Netflix film amps up the hotness quotient

The first look at the Polish erotic thriller 365 Days sequel titled 365 Days This Day is here. Michele Morrone returns as Massimo packing on sixpack abs and looking hot. The biggest twist the new film has to offer is the return of Laura who was believed to be dead at the end of the first part. Exactly how she survived will be revealed in the new movie.

The official synopsis of 365 Days This Day suggests that there will be external forces trying to sabotage the relationship Massimo and Laura have. The reunited couples new beginning is complicated by Massimos family ties and a mysterious man who enters Lauras life to win her heart and trust at any cost reads the movies description as the trailer was launched by Netflix.

A mystery man is introduced who is working under Massimo. There is a brief encounter between him and Laura in the trailer. The tone and feel of the 365 Days sequel are very much like the first film. Theres skin show contrast lighting and slick pacing suggesting that the movie will pack a solid punch and will be hotter than before. Michelle carries the intensity of the character in his eyes beautifully and the movie will be looked forward to by the fans come April 27.

As the trailer was released many fans of the movie expressed their enthusiasm in the comments section on Michelles Instagram profile. Loosely based on the novel trilogy by Blanka Lipinska 365 Days storyline sees a young Polish woman imprisoned by a Sicilian gangster who gives her one year to fall in love with him. The movie provoked a sizeable backlash with critics claiming the plot romanticised sexual assault reported Deadline. A petition for the films removal from Netflix attracted some 95000 signatures while the singer Duffy who has experienced a kidnapping ordeal penned a letter of complaint directly to Reed Hastings the CEO of the streamer.

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