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McKenna Grace Spills on Dream Roles, Celeb Crushes, and Advice for Hopeful Actors

MC Kenna Grace is already a decade into her acting career and shes only 15 years old. Whether you saw her in the gunner seat in Ghost busters Afterlife as a math prodigy in Gifted with Chris Evans or giving her Emmy nominated performance in Handmaids Tale as Esther Keye one thing is for sure the girl has some major acting chops .

The talented MC Kenna Grace recently caught up with Seventeen and the actress spilled on some upcoming projects her dream role hint it involves some fabulous costumes the inspiration behind all of her songwriting and how shes planning on using her free time in NYC. MC Kenna was only in town for a few short days but made sure to hang out with fellow child actor and friend Walker Scobell who is currently filming the new Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. MC Kenna tells us that the two actually met over Tik Tok

Some things that we learned about MC Kenna she loves thrift and true crime she has the cutest dog in the entire world Seventeen loves you Gizmo and shes not afraid to pour her heart into the perfect song to blast as you are driving down the highway at night. MC Kenna is the absolute personification of joy and beneath all of the dog loving and thrift shopping brews some serious talent both as an actor and singer. The youngest Emmy nominee for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series is one to keep an eye on — and you can trust us on that

McKenna Grace Everyone has that one song or that one thing that reminds you of a certain place or point in time. And I just think that its fun to write this song in the form of a breakup song so that you can scream it at the top of your lungs. Its about that feeling of not being able to listen to your favorite songs without thinking of someone.

McKenna Grace It really depends on who Im writing with. I have over 200 notes of song ideas and lyrics on my phone so Ill just show up to a writing session and Ill be like Hey guys I dont know if yall have any concepts but I have 200 so get ready to hear all about my life. Ill pull from whatevers going on in my life and then well just write about it. Its so therapeutic. Oh my gosh. Music writing is my therapy.

McKenna Grace Oh it was so fun That one was especially fun because my dad and I actually cowrote the script for The Bad Seed Returns together. I wrote produced and starred in it — that was kind of crazy. Never done anything like that before.

McKenna Grace Im shooting a truecrime series in Atlanta right now Its a true crime case theres a documentary on Netflix about it called Abducted in Plain Sight. Its the craziest. Im playing the girl who gets kidnapped which is you know great. And then obviously The Bad Seed Returns is coming out soon. Plus I just finished shooting on Handmaids Tale a little while back. And Im working on some other things but you know its under wraps.

McKenna Grace So cool I hope that someday Ill get to take on more of a superhero role I think thats a really fun project and just a cool role to be able to play. I was the younger version of Captain Marvel but maybe Ill play a superhero someday and have a younger version of myself you know You never know

McKenna Grace Oh I havent talked about Chris in ages I was literally talking about him yesterday though because I see edits of us on TikTok all the time. Oh my God. I remember wed always sing Peaches by Presidents of the United States of America. I remember there was a scene where I had to run in and jump on his chest and I remember that being funny for me because I was like what if I hurt him But then I was like Oh yeah its Chris Evans. I probably cant hurt him. Whenever I had to slap him across the face for a scene that was pretty funny. It was great working together.

McKenna Grace I cannot wait to perform live someday but I have such a bad stage fright Ive only had to give a speech at awards shows like twice — I presented at the Emmy Awards and I was so scared. I walked out there and I was like highpitched voice Hey guys Im here to present my category and my name is McKenna… I did it but the entire time I was shaking t have any hacks can somebody tell me some I just tell myself its just acting trying to look all calm. Thatd be incredible.

McKenna Grace Jeepers. I gotta think because there are so many people that I look up to. Theres always Billie Eilish you know who is just so cool and insanely creative. Her and Finneas. I think that Finneas is incredible when it comes to producing I just think hes a musical genius. And Ashe who did Moral of the Story. Shes been really kind to me. She invited me to her show and she talks to me and I just think that it was so cool to be a young artist in the industry and have someone whose music I listen to all the time be so kind to me. I just think that t

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