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‘Lucifer’ Movie: Why Fans Are Campaigning For a Third Revival at Netflix

If you can believe it, the final sixth season of Lucifer arrived on Netflix over 9 months ago as of June 2022. The show is a remarkable case study for Netflix given that it revived the show not once but twice! Despite the time now between the final season and now, fans are still hungry for more and continue actively campaigning for a Lucifer movie or a spin-off of some form. Lucifer managed to do the unthinkable twice getting renewed at Netflix following its cancelation at Fox and then getting a sixth season renewal following the original plan to make the fifth season the final season.

The show was one of Netflix’s most popular titles last year picking up 258.91 million hours viewed for season 6 alone between September 5th and October 10th, 2021. The show is currently seeing a revival in Netflix’s top 10s following the earlier seasons being added to Netflix in select regions where they’ve up until now been locked to Amazon Prime (who interesting still lists the show as an Amazon Exclusive). Last week, it was the 45th biggest show on Netflix according to raw top 10 data.

Why fans want a Lucifer movie at Netflix
We spoke to a number of fans who continue to campaign for a new entry for Lucifer (mainly via Twitter) and asked them why they want to see the show return in some form.Pau (who goes by the username of fancybritishman) told us they wanted to see a more conclusive ending

“I just think we deserve to see more happy Deckerstar now that they’re together and happy for eternity,i loved the ending of the show so much and yes it didn’t need more seasons but a movie to show all these things would be great and it would also be cool to see some familiar faces that we haven’t seen in a while for a movie, like father frank, candy,.. basically everyone reunited in heaven once they’re dead, seeing everyone happy there and just having fun times all together, for me the ending of the show left an open door and i just can’t see that as the actual ending.”

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