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Legacies Recap Death Toll Rises in Penultimate Episode Setting Up Emotional Series Finale

Spoiler alert The following recap breaks down the outcome of Legacies final battle and it was a doozy. Ken is the only one dying today I promise Lizzie told MG atop Thursdays Legacies. Boy was she wrong.

As it turns out no less than four major characters — excluding the aforementioned god of handsomeness and perfect hair — lost their lives during the shows penultimate episode. And in an even more shocking twist half of those deaths actually stuck! Hope and Kens final faceoff took place at the Salvatore School as scheduled but thats pretty much where the Super Squads master plan fell to pieces. The ending wasnt entirely unhappy but thanks to an unexpected challenger a pack of rabid werewolves and far more Klaus references than we ever imagined it became considerably more complicated. Read on for a breakdown of how everyone in the squad fared in Legacies final battle then drop a comment with your hopes for next weeks gulp series finale below.

The episodes first major death happened offscreen boo! when Alaric stepped in to save MG and Lizzie from a rabid Jed whose werewolf curse Ken was able to manipulate. Bens curse was also lifted and he had an extremely human reaction to discovering Jeds corpse releasing his pain through a guttural scream the likes of which we havent seen since… well since Cleo watched Kaleb die in front of her last week. Damn the Super Squad has been dropping like flies lately.

The moment was made even more painful by a previous scene during which Jed admitted to being more worried about Ben than about his pack. He even prepared Finch to step up as the new alpha if things so sideways. Spoiler alert THEY WENT SIDEWAYS. Of course Jeds death was merely an appetizer in this feast of tragedy.
MG was the next to go succumbing to venom from too many werewolf bites for Lizzie to siphon. All youve ever done is protect me she told him. Just once I was supposed to be protecting you.

And in true MG fashion he managed to deliver one last heartbreaking compliment before he died telling Lizzie You can be mad at me later. Right now you have to go kick that gods ass. And I know you will because youre awesome. I knew it the minute I first saw you. Pour one out for this queen. Aurora began the hour on the wrong team showing up to battle Hope in Kens place and she came armed with more than just a godforged weapon capable of killing a tribrid. She also brought along the endless baggage shes been carrying around from her relationship with Klaus — and she intended to bury his daughter in it.

I have been under your fathers sway for centuries desperate for even the smallest expression of love only to be reminded time and time again of his cruelty she told Hope as she prepared to make her final strike. Ive been caught in a cycle from which there is no escape until now. The last vestige of Klaus Mikaelson wiped from the world forever! If shed done less yapping and more stabbing Aurora would have won right there but thats not really her style. This allowed Hope to get the upper hand but instead of killing Aurora she showed something you dont see from a Mikaelson every day — mercy.

I am my fathers daughter she said. But there was another side to my father one that you never saw. One that was decent kind and loving. He knew he couldnt make up for his past sins but he still tried. He didnt want pain and suffering to be all he left behind. It was this mercy that ultimately pushed Aurora to sacrifice herself stepping in front of Hope just as Ken prepared to impale her. You were right about me Aurora told Hope as she died. I loved your father as much as I hated him. His spirit his indomitable will. I wanted him to change for me but I wasnt enough. You were. He changed for you. And I saw in you everything I couldnt have. Im sorry. Im sorry too Hope replied. For what hes done to you and for not seeing this side of you sooner.

Then came Auroras final words You have the very best parts of him in you. Finish this and never forget who you are. Aurora was given a traditional Viking funeral at the end of the hour with Lizzie delivering an extremely Lizzie eulogy Aurora was a badass bitch. Our relationship was complicated but she taught me that complicated doesnt mean broken. Of all the deaths Legacies put us through this week Ethans was the only one for which we were truly prepared. From the moment we learned about his finite powers it was a foregone conclusion that he would end up sacrificing himself to save the squad.

What we werent prepared for however was MGs touching eulogy to his fallen friend who used the last bit of his power and his life to save Lizzie from exploding alongside Ken. This school is full of students who are more powerful than you but at the end of the day it was you who made the ultimate hero move he said during a private vigil. The world may never know who Rescue Guy was but I will never forget you. What you stood for. Because I will stand for it too. I promise.

Which brings us to the only death we actually wanted to happen — this dick.
In fact thats exactly how Cleo phrased it when she arrived on the scene to exact a bit of fury justice. It is not treachery it is judgment she told Ken after freezing his weapon before it could pierce Hopes chest. Youre a dick and your punishment is… her. Right on cue Hope sent Ken flying onto his own weapon. Giving credit where its due Hope also got an extra jolt of strength from Lizzie Our sire bond may be gone Hope Andrea Mikaelson but you and I are bonded for life!. And the explosion certainly weakened him not to mention left him looking like a melted Red Skull action figure.

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