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Joe Jonas fans joke that Nick sings Barbecue Bacon Burger meme song

In a viral video posted to social media Joe Jonas and fans joke that Nick Jonas is the person behind the popular Barbecue Bacon Burger meme.

Published to TikTok Joe Jonas published a video Monday that already has over 570000 likes and has been seen over 3 million times. Jonas along with his brothers Kevin and Nick were on a plane heading to their next destination. Jonas began playing the sound then focused the camera on the seat next to him where Nick was seated giving a surprising reaction. Kevin the oldest brother makes an appearance in the background. Red Dress vibes the singer wrote referencing a lyric from the Jonas Brothers 2008 hit Burnin Up.

The onscreen caption read Why does this sound so much like nick. The sound Jonas uses in the video contains someone singing Barbecue Bacon Burger. The viral sound has over 750000 videos that contain the song. The original singer is Kyoshi Sad. However fans of the Jonas Brothers joke that it sounds very similar to Nick and Joe Jonas. Fans joke along with Jonas in the comment section. Joe admits Ok maybe its me as well. Nicholas youve got some explaining to do another said.

Guys what if its joe doing a nick impression one TikToker user commented.
A user exclaimed Joe chose being a menace today and Im here for it. The Barbecue Bacon Burger sounds stem from an old video game clip of a man ordering a barbecue bacon burger among other things has people using an interactive emoji trend. Using a filter they try their best to get these three foods in a row a barbecued hunk of meat bacon and a hamburger. Many videos show users struggling and others are excited when they win the challenge.

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