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Jennifer Aniston wants some on-screen romance for her ‘The Morning Show’ character

ennifer Aniston revealed she wants some on screen romance for her character Alexandra Alex Levy in the Apple TV+ The Morning Show.Speaking on the For Your Consideration Panel on Saturday the Friends alum shared her desire for her character to find a love interest.Anniston said that in the upcoming season of the show she wants to see Alex maybe try to find even a human connection a love connection of some sort.I would love to see how Alex is with intimacy- of not only just a female but of a male the 53 year old star added.

She explained Because thats something I think would be really clumsy and I think it would be really fun to explore that awkwardness of trying.Because how do you maintain what you have built up for 15 years of this career that you built in the need for relevance and the need to be respected because thats a full time job Aniston continued.The actor added I do not know how you put that you know armor down.In an interview with Variety Aniston expressed her wish again I think its time to see Alex find some love and some passion.She could put the controls down and go into the vulnerability of opening up her heart which I do not think she has ever really quite done she added.The actor plays the role of a news anchor alongside Reese Wither spoon in the show.

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