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How Mandalorian Fans Really Feel About Grogu’s Name ?

Of all the new Star Wars characters that fans have become introduced to in recent years few have been received quite as well as Baby Yoda.

The now iconic character made his screen debut at the end of the first episode of The Mandalorian and he quickly captured the hearts of both casual and die Star Wars fans alike. Following the characters debut The Mandalorian essentially became a two hander adventure series one that focuses on both Baby Yoda and his adoptive guardian Din Djarin Pedro Pascal. In the years since the series premiere Baby Yoda has only continued to stake out his place as one of the most iconic characters in Star Wars history.

Of course the breakout characters name is not actually Baby Yoda. As a matter of fact one Season 2 episode of The Mandalorian titled The Jedi includes the reveal that Baby Yodas name is actually Grogu. When the episode was released the revelation understandably took some Star Wars fans aback. However certain Mandalorian viewers may be surprised to learn that while a lot of time has passed since The Jedi was released Grogus name remains a constant topic of conversation among Star Wars fans.On the official subreddit for The Mandalorian u Graboid Farmer created a post about how half of Star Wars fans reacted to learning Grogus real name.

The post in question features a screenshot from the moment on The Book of Boba Fett when Peli Motto Amy Sedaris learns about Grogus real name and tells him No way am I calling you that Unsurprisingly the post motivated a number of other Star Wars fans to share their thoughts on the beloved Mandalorian characters name.For what its worth Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau thinks fans can continue to refer to Grogu as Baby Yoda if thats what they want to do. Favreau said as much during an appearance on Good Morning America telling the shows hosts Everybody knows Grogu as Baby Yoda. Which by the way is fine with all of us. We still call him Baby Yoda too.

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