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Hailey Bieber Rocks Two Stylish Jacket Looks in Manhattan

Corsets crop tops and belly chains deserve their comeuppance but we thank our supermodels that models still love their outfits. Cut to Hailey Bieber in her blazer dress on two separate trips around Manhattan on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The models love affair with skintight suits and sunglasses is widely documented but these special editions are among the best of recent times.

On Tuesday night Hailey showed off her long legs in a long Saint Laurent dress with stilettos and gold heels on each wrist. She dressed in a black blazer style with chunky loafers allimportant white ankle socks gold earrings and stacked necklaces. The classic combination of black white and gold with modern sunny Hailey was a chic sexy yet controlled scream.

This particular usage trend makes sense amid a more chaotic time in a models life as her husband Justin Bieber grapples with a recent diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt syndrome. And it is that the singer revealed last week in a video clip on Instagram that she had contracted the virus which caused partial paralysis in her face and temporarily prevented her from continuing her tour. After Justin posted the video Hailey showed her support by resharing the clip on her Instagram stories with the caption I love you baby.

This content is imported from Instagram. She may be able to find the same content in another format or she may be able to find more information on her website. Between Haileys health issue earlier this year [Hayley had a ministroke in March and made a full recovery] and now thats a lot for them. Hailey is worried too a source told People on 11 June. June. take care of Hailey she is now doing the same for him. They are a great team and they will get through this together. Justin is looking forward to recovering and continuing to work.

The same source added Her condition was diagnosed early although she hopes to make a full recovery in a few weeks. Having recently appeared as an ambassador for Tiffany & Co an occasion in which she donned another impeccable suit Hailey has plenty to distract herself while her partner recovers. Model Rods skincare brand launched today and is expected to talk about it on Good Morning America.

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