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George Clooney: His 30 best movies to watch and watch again

George Timothy Clooney is an American actor born on May 6 1961. He is also a director producer and screenwriter.

Having achieved fame after playing Doctor Ross in the emergency series during his career he shot several films that were well received by the public. He is one of the only actors to win the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor along with Brad Pitt. The actor starred in several television series before making a name for himself in film. Lets discover 30 of this actors films that are worth watching and re-watching.In 1944 as the Allies were winning the war against the Nazis General Eisenhower created a group to hunt down Allied armies and recover stolen Nazi art. The antiquities men will face a lack of cooperation from officers who refuse to put their soldiers at risk because of the art and the galleries suspect the men want to confiscate the works to ship to the United States.

Michael Clayton is employed by a New York law firm. His job is to solve customer problems by any means even illegal ones. When his friend Arthur Edens a lawyer for the firm decides to defend the opposing side in a case between a large fertilizer company and plaintiffs the partners are not impressed. Michael was then sent to persuade Arthur who was determined to publish an egalitarian report that could cause the Cabinet to lose the case. When Arthur suddenly commits suicide Michael is immediately suspicious.Jimmy Connelly is the captain of the an American soccer team that will dissolve due to lack of sponsors. To fix his team Carter turns to Ruthford a war hero and league player on the team. Carter is popular but he has secrets that journalist Lexi Littleton wants to reveal. The two begin to court the young woman and a rivalry develops between them that goes beyond the field.

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