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Fullmetal Alchemist Characters Smarter Than Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger is a witch with serious book smarts but these Fullmetal Alchemist characters have a brilliance that not even she can match. The Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood shonen anime takes place in a stylish steampunk world of machines and alchemy and this setting actually rewards creativity and brainpower more than it does brute force. Plenty of Fullmetal Alchemist characters are martial artists or soldiers such as Edward Elric himself but brains beat brawn.

More than a few Fullmetal Alchemist characters including both heroes and villains favor intellect over raw firepower. They are smart crafty and talented in all kinds of ways. They often compare favorably to famously smart characters from other franchises such as Harry Potters own Hermione Granger the talented Gryffindor witch.

Edward Elric Is A Scientist Alchemist

The shonen hero himself the tsundere Edward Elric is a very smart fellow who knows how to blend alchemy and science into a cohesive whole. While Edward is a skilled martial artist and licensed state alchemist he identifies more with his book smarts than his street smarts. Hermione is the one casting magical spells but Edwards advanced alchemy is almost like magic itself and he must understand physics on an intimate level so he can reshape matter the way he does. He and his brother Alphonse also decoded all of Tim Marcohs extensive notes something not even Hermione could have done.

Alphonse Elric Is Nearly On His Brothers Level

Edwards younger brother Alphonse is in many ways just like him aside from inhabiting a suit of armor as a body. Alphonse is Eds equal in the lab or when performing research and he loves libraries just as much as Edward and Hermione Granger. Knowledge is always power. Alphonse is sometimes upstaged by his shonen hero brother but he is still a highly capable scientist and researcher and he uses alchemy the same way Ed does. Later after regaining his body he also aimed to visit the nation of Xing and learn the ways of alkahestry. No doubt hell soon master it.

Winry Rockbell Is A Machine Expert

Ed and Als childhood friend and almost literal girl next door Winry Rockbell really knows her stuff. Even if Winry grew up in rural Resembool far away from Rush Valley or Centrals research labs Winry has a natural talent for engineering and mechanical work. Her mind must be packed with blueprints for new inventions.
Winry doesnt quite have Eds or Hermiones book smarts but she has a brilliance that not even Hermione Granger can match. Winrys formidable talent with advanced automail and machines is impressive and she soon became a star even in the competitive Rush Valley. And shes always open to new ideas and engineering techniques too.

Father Planned All This Out

Many anime villains are genius schemers who carefully lay out their wicked plans ahead of time with examples ranging from Bleachs Sosuke Aizen to Narutos Orochimaru or My Hero Academias All For One. These villains can outthink any shonen or Harry Potter hero and that includes the homunculus called Father.
For a few centuries now Father has been deviously concocting his plan to become the new god including forming the nation of Amestris and making sure bloody battles take place on the sites of a gigantic transmutation circle. And in all that time practically no one was privy to his plan.

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