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Former WWE Star Reveals How He Ribbed The Undertaker Out of All People

W-W-E star Steve Richards was very infamous for delivering one of the most brutal Chair shot to J-B-L. Additionally on the latest edition of Cafe did Rene with Rene Dupree he talked about the Chair shot incident. During the conversation he also explained how this prompted The Undertaker to confront him.Stevie Richards makes a surprise cameo towards the end of The Blue Meanie and J-B-L Smack Down bout smacking J-B-L in the head with one of the most brutal chair blows in W-W-E history.Following this incident Stevie Richards claimed responsibility for the chair shot on W-W-E claiming it was in revenge for what J-B-L had done to The Blue Meanie.Regardless of the fact that J-B-L and Richards were both involved in the plan this occurrence led The Undertaker to assume that Richards had purposefully injured J-B-L and The Dead man was about to confront him.

Following the interview with W-W-E The Undertaker heard of Richards claim that he did it on purpose to get revenge. Taker quickly rushed to Richards to discuss the situation.Talking about this Richards stated You know who was not in on it Undertaker who came up to me at the next TV. He was gonna come up to me and confront me. And he saw John first and to his credit he should have. Like Dude you actually went to the website and said you did it on purpose or hurt one of our talents

Taker was enraged with Richards since several wrestlers were injured and off the roster at the moment. However when Taker was going to confront him JBL informed him that he had instructed him to do so.Moreover he added He even pulled me aside right afterwards and I said Taker I swear to God I didnt mean to do it. He goes understand we have a lot of injuries right now. Now were down another guy gotta be careful. He was not intimidating or belligerent or trying to scare me. He was just trying to tell me sternly like Hey man you dont do that.

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