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Fear of the Walking Dead Casts Extras in Savannah

In late 2021 AMC announced that Fear the Walking Dead would move filming for season eight from Austin Texas to Savannah Georgia. Savannahbased Bill Marinella Casting has announced that filming for Fear TWD will begin in July 2022 and run through March 2023 with the series placing a call on June 25.

Anyone of interest should be registered in the Kaast system. If you are already registered be sure to update the photos and measurements on your profile. They are looking for adults 18 and over and minors from 10 to 17 of all races and genders. Parents of minors be sure to read all about registration for your children. Keep in mind that there is no timetable yet so you need to have a flexible schedule no transportation and no additional gas or travel hurdles to be taken into account. All information on Fear the Walking Dead is found on this Kaast link.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8
The series eighth season will see Madison Kim Dickens return as a series regular. She returns during the final episode of Season 7 and it is discovered that she was working for the mysterious PADRE. She is tasked with stealing children and bringing them to the members of this group. At first she did so on the grounds that PADRE would help her find her children. But after a while she was dumbfounded by her actions and couldnt stand her children.

Her first encounter with Morgan Jones Lennie James was when she took his child Mo and handed her over to a PADRE collector. By the end of the episode she offers to help Morgan get Moe back and the pair are on a boat far away to an unknown location while they are blindfolded. The final scene showed a much larger boat waiting for them leaving viewers wondering how far PADRE could be.

Showrunners have promised that next season will be the series most significant reinvention ever. The change in location will be reflected in the story and centered around the water. This season will see more digging into PADREs philosophies why they take the kids and what happens to them next.

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