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Even the last champion in the Justice League doesnt respect Aquaman

If the DC universe is to recover from the death of the Justice League its heroes will have to learn to respect the Aquaman dynasty.

In the DC Universe Aquamans circumstantial powerhouse famously left him as a steppe and that lack of respect doesnt change when the Justice League is reduced to one member Black Adam. The confrontation between the new Superman John Kent and Black Adam perfectly captures that sentiment showing that even other heroes have no problem taking pictures of the King of Atlantis. For all their strength and power the family of Aquaman heroes cannot completely escape their perceived incompetence on dry land.

Despite being the King of Atlantis Aquaman has often faced ridicule for his skill set the ability to breathe underwater communicate with and control marine life. Knowing that nearly everyone thinks Aquaman is a joke DC has repeatedly tried to repair his reputation in subtle ways pointing out the kind of force required to operate under the crushing pressure of the ocean without a suit and overt hooka peaceful look from the 90s. Even with Mira and Jackson Hyde bringing aquatic animation and bioelectricity into the mix it was hard for people to recognize Aquaman as anyone other than the huntingtalking hero.

In Dark Crisis #1 by Joshua Williamson Daniel Sampere and Alejandro Sanchez Black Adam recovers from the attack that wiped out the rest of the Justice League members. While filling the other heroes with what happened the new Superman tries to lead the next Justice League made up of a diverse arrangement of characters such as Doctor Light Booster Gold Blue Beetle Harley Quinn Frankenstein and Jackson Hyde. Black Adam immediately rejected the lineup and even went so far as to refer to Jackson Hyde as The Fish.

Admittedly Black Adam is one of the least tactful members to populate the Justice League roster The Kandaq king was famous for his rude and abrasive style. However he does tell us that Aquaman bears the brunt of his stinging tongue even when the black Adam is technically doing the compliment. Even when the Justice League is destroyed even when Black Adam reluctantly admits that the Justice League has completely condoned Aquaman Jackson Hyde or any of the Aquaman family cannot escape being a fish.

Its fun to see Black Adam put Reckless Johns team in place. Theres a long history of diving in Aquaman and its hard not to chuckle at another joke on his account. However the Justice League faces a terrible threat in the crisis of darkness and will need every hero they can muster. If the last surviving champion from the old roster in the Justice League doesnt respect Aquaman one of the few remaining centers of power their odds of getting through this crisis without more casualties will be much lower.

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