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Elden Ring Update 1.06: Release date and everything we know so far

Of course From Soft have continually updated Elden Ring patching bugs and issues within the games world.We can expect to see a number of further fixes for the huge open world game and the updates are likely to further balance the overall gameplay .Earlier this week patch 1.05 was released with a huge variety of bug fixes.In addition to those From Software also added a variety of items to New Game Plus as well as adding sound effects to certain player movements.Information as a result is thin on the ground so far when it comes to Elden Ring update 1.06 but heres everything we know so far.There is no firm release date for Elden Ring update 1.06.

However the previous schedule of patches seems to indicate that it is likely coming next month in July.Patch Notes for version 1.03 were released in April and further additions to 1.03 titled 1.03.2 and 1.03.3 came out in the same month.In May version 1.04 came out and was swiftly followed by version 1.04.1.We have just seen version 1.05 come out so it is likely that 1.06 will land next month. In the meantime we may see a further 1.05.1 update come out following previous tradition.

From Software have continually rebalanced the game to ensure that players are receiving the best possible experience during their journey through the Lands Between.There are no hints as to what is coming down the pipe but version 1.05 has focused mainly on fixing small issues and tinkering with the balance of the game.That makes sense given just how gigantic Elden Ring is and the huge variety of things that there are to do within the world.There are unlikely to be any major additions to gameplay with previous updates focusing on honing and finetuning the game.Well let you know when the patch notes drop by updating this page!

FromSoftwares Elden Ring released to widespread critical acclaim with critics praising its open world stunning graphics intense boss fights and improvements on the Dark Souls formula. Even though Elden Ring is one of the highestrated games of all time FromSoftware has continued improving the experience through updates with update 1.05 making a small but important quality of life change.

In the patch notes for Elden Ring update 1.05 FromSoftware mentions a variety of changes and bug fixes that it made to the game. One the headlining fixes was that Elden Ring update 1.05 prevents players from attacking bosses outside their fog gates rectifying one of the ways that players have forced certain encounters in the game. Elden Ring update 1.05 made plenty of alterations that were outlined in the patch notes but some changes were added in secret.

One secret change in Elden Ring update 1.05 has to do with Golden Runes. For the uninitiated Golden Runes in Elden Ring are consumable items that players can use to gain runes immediately. Golden Runes come in different shapes and sizes with the larger ones netting Elden Ring players more runes than the smaller ones. However until update 1.05 the game did not let players know the exact number of runes they would be getting with each Golden Rune use.

While it wasnt mentioned in the Elden Ring update 1.05 patch notes the game now tells players the value of Golden Runes. Reddit user Theheadofjug noticed this change pointing out how after downloading the latest update Golden Rune values are mentioned in their item descriptions. This way players dont have to guess about how many Golden Runes they will be getting and they can therefore use them more efficiently when upgrading gear or leveling up their Elden Ring character.

This Golden Runes change wasnt the only secret quality of life update that FromSoftware made to Elden Ring. After players defeat Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring a large crater is left on the map that players need to visit to reach certain areas. With update 1.05 this crater is marked on the Elden Ring map which makes it a lot easier for players to know where to go after defeating Radahn.

Longtime Elden Ring players may not think much of these quality of life changes but they should go a long way in improving the experience for newcomers. And as it so happens new players are discovering Elden Ring all the time. Elden Ring has dominated sales charts for months indicating that there are fresh Tarnished venturing out into the Lands Between on a regular basis.

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